Child Custody

A Child Custody Attorney Works To Prove That YOU Are In The Child's Best Interest

A Child custody attorney knows these cases are by far some of the hardest cases.  They are very emotional and even gut wrenching for the parents.  These cases require passionate attorneys that can represent their clients in a very highly volatile atmosphere.  Also, this area of the law continues to evolve, so it is critical that the attorneys continually keep up to date on changes in the governing child custody laws.

Additionally a child custody attorney understands that the polestar consideration in Arkansas child custody cases is the best interest of the child. Also it is important the attorney handling your child custody case be familiar with the court and judge, because different judge’s may give more weight to different evidence in determining the best interest of the child.  In determining the best interest of a child in a child custody case court’s typically consider the following:

  • Moral Fitness of the Parties
  • Character of the parties…Temperament, sensibleness, perceptibility, independence, and resolution…Most judges believe “character is caught not taught.”
  • Compassion of the Parties…spends quality time with child, teaches values, and ensures child understands security.
  • Habit of Sobriety…”No judge intends to sentence a child to the abuses of an alcoholic or chronic drug user.”
  • Stability of the Parties is very important to most judges…Most courts want to ensure the custodial parent is emotionally and psychologically stable, stable residence and can ensure child is not being bounced around from school to school.  Also it is important that if the parties are in a new relationship, then the court will scrutinize the stability of that relationship.
  • Love and Affection of parents and child is very important.  Judge William Callow defined  the factor of love in custody cases as follows: “Custody should relate to love.  If a parent loves a child more than himself or herself, the best interest of the child is protected.”
  • If the child is mature enough to make a reasonable decision, the child's preference of parent may be considered by the Judge.
    Which parent is more likely to encourage the child to have a healthy relationship with the other parent.
  • Which parent is less likely to be abusive toward the child or the other parent.
  • Whether either parent is a registered sex offender.
  • Whether either parent has recently failed a drug test.
  • The financial means of each parent.

Of course, there are other considerations the court takes into account as well, and it is critical that the child custody attorney handling your case examine all potential facets of both parties to put forth the best child custody case.

A Child Custody Attorney Helps The Child Custody Court See The Real You

The primary reason you would want a child custody attorney at your side in court is that an attorney understands what the court is looking for in a child custody case. You might have an idea of what the court will think of you, but oftentimes the court is looking for something that isn't the obvious -- for example, they'll ask you about your finances but be looking at your response for signs of dishonesty or of spite toward the other parent. An attorney can help prepare you so that you consistently put your best foot forward in court.

If You Lose: Child Custody Laws Keep You In Touch Through Visitation

As much as a child custody attorney helps, it's simple mathematics that 50% of all parents lose child custody battles. If that happens, your attorney will advocate for a healthy visitation schedule for you, to ensure that your child maintains a strong relationship. So long as the court doesn't find that your visitation puts the child in danger, your child custody attorney should be able to ensure that the very fair and ample Arkansas child visitation statues are put into full effect.

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