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Schmidt Law Firm, PLC knows these cases are by far some of the hardest cases. They are very emotional and even gut wrenching for the parents. These cases require passionate attorneys that can represent their clients in a very highly volatile atmosphere.

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We have guided clients through some of the most challenging times in their lives. We stand up for you!!

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We are capable of providing you with both the emotional support and the objective advice and guidance you need to make the difficult choices and decisions required of you.

The primary reason you would want a child custody attorney at your side in court is that an attorney understands what the court is looking for in a child custody case. You might have an idea of what the court will think of you, but oftentimes the court is looking for something that isn't the obvious -- for example, they'll ask you about your finances but be looking at your response for signs of dishonesty or of spite toward the other parent. An attorney can help prepare you so that you consistently put your best foot forward in court.

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