Schmidt Law: An Arkansas Law Firm That Believes Every Case Deserves Our All

There are a lot of qualities you could look for in an Arkansas law firm, and you can learn a lot about a law firm by asking what qualities they value most in themselves. Ask around Schmidt Law Firm, and we'll tell you:

Dedication to Our Clients: Just Like Every Other Arkansas Law Firm?

To a degree, this is ubiquitous -- it's a legal mandate that every Arkansas attorney must heed its client's wishes first; failing to do so is called attorney malpractice. But at Schmidt Law Firm, we take it a step further, making it our business to learn your business and to offer you the legal advice that we think is going to put in you in the best position in the long run, even if it seems discomfiting up front. Our Arkansas law firm is dedicated to your success, not processing your legal needs and letting the door hit you on the way out.

Innovation Within The Law: Room For Arkansas Legal Services to Be Creative

From the outside, the law can seem like a computer: you input a story of what happened, the legal system processes it through the words in the law books, and it spits out a result. But to the lawyers in Arkansas (and, we hope, the rest of the country), the law looks very different because we see the laws not as handcuffs, but as a leash: there are places that the law won't let you go, but you're free to do whatever you can come up with inside the boundaries the leash sets. Schmidt Law prides itself on creative endeavors within the bounds of the law.

Interdisciplinary Studies: The Benefits of Not Specializing

There are two types of Arkansas law firms: the ones that offer extremely specialized services ("We do adoption law, and that's all"), and the ones who go 'broad'. Each touts its own advantages, but at Schmidt Law Firm, we believe in the power of interdisciplinary studies. Each of our attorneys have different areas of focus in the law, and we encourage working together on complex cases that require different areas of expertise and collaboration with our colleagues. The more 'tips and tricks' you learn from different areas of law, the more ways you'll find to apply them to the problems in front of you, even if it's in a completely different kind of courtroom.

Humility In Success: Lawyers in Arkansas Ought To Look Forward, Not Back

Schmidt's Arkansas law firm has had some extraordinary successes since Paul Schmidt Sr. first went into law 45 years ago, but we don't like to blow our own horns. We're not going to try to impress you with this story or that story -- especially not on our webpage. If you'd like to hear some true tales from the desks of this Arkansas law firm, feel free to call or drop by -- but we like to keep our focus on what's happening today and tomorrow, not on glorifying what we did last year or last decade.

You Deserve Our All

When you hire our Arkansas law firm, the Schmidt Law Firm, you get a lawyer that believes in using every tool at his disposal to make sure your legal life is geared toward accomplishing your long-term goals. That starts the moment you first get in touch, with a free consultation on the problems most relevant to you right now -- so call us today at 888-459-3077, and let us show you what it means when Schmidt puts it all on the table on your behalf. Not ready to call then don't miss our Free Resources section to learn more about your legal situation. Then call us when you are ready.


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