A Living Will Gives You Control When You Have None

A living will is technically known as an Advance Health Care Directive -- a medical directive (or set of instructions) for what should be done with your living body should you become incapacitated, vegetative, or otherwise incapable of making decisions about your own health care, as well as what emergency methods may be used to attempt to save your life. A living will can also (but doesn't have to) name a ‘health care proxy’ also known as a healthcare agent who is given the authority to make decisions about your health care, pursuant to a healthcare power of attorney.

It is Very Important To Discuss Your Living Will With Your Attorney

While creating your comprehensive estate plan one of the most important documents we will cover is your living will. During the interview process for your living will (advance medical directive) it is critical that we understand your concerns and instructions for your health care providers.

Living Wills Only Apply When The Measures Would Merely 'Postpone Death'

You don't need to worry about telling the doctors not to perform CPR and then having the lifeguard at your pool not try to save your life if you should nearly drown -- a living will only comes into play when the doctors agree that a given technique would 'postpone death' rather than restore your ability to live a normal life.

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