An Arkansas Adoption Attorney Simplifies Complex Adoption Laws

An Arkansas adoption attorney is your best ally when you decide that adopting a child is the best path forward for your family -- or that relinquishing all rights to your child is better for both of you in the long run.

Giving Your Child Up For Adoption

Arkansas adoption laws give a new mother up to 10 days after the birth of her child to unconditionally revoke her decision to give up her child -- on day 11, if the adoption papers have been processed, the legalities are final and the child is theretofore the legal responsibility of their adoptive parent(s). If you aren't positive that giving up your child for adoption is right for you, sit down with your family and an adoption attorney -- this is a decision that you shouldn't ever undertake hastily.

Adopting A Child

Before any household is allowed to adopt, it may have to undergo a home study in which person performing the home study will examine your financial status, relationship status, parenting skills/history, and several other aspects of your life. It's intrusive, but it has to be in order to ensure the child's best interests. An adoption attorney can help you stand up to the scrutiny and show that you're ready.

There are many different situations in regards to adopting an Arkansas child: you can adopt an infant and/or young child in a private placement adoption, a family member may be required to adopt a child of another family member in certain situations, it may be necessary to adopt an adult in some situation, and many other possible scenarios where adoption may be the appropriate legal remedy.

International Adoptions

When you're looking to adopt from a foreign locale, the laws from the child's birth country are the ones that apply to the transaction. In addition, the USA is part of the Hague Convention, a large (70+ country) legal convention that adds specific protections to adoptions between the convening countries. The best way to understand the specifics of any proposed international adoption is to consult an adoption attorney.

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