An Arkansas Child Support Attorney Keep Both Parents Financially Responsible

An Arkansas child support attorney has the task of ensuring that both of a child's parents remain financially responsible for the child's well-being -- and that the financial responsibility is born by each parent equitably. Our attorneys are well versed in the Arkansas child support laws and guidelines, which is critical, because whether you are owed child support or facing a child support obligation, we can help you ensure you get the right answers regarding what you are owed or must pay. We have successfully helped thousands of clients in resolving their child support cases.

The Basics of Arkansas Child Support Payment

In Arkansas, child support payment is typically mandated by law to be paid by the non-custodial parent. In Arkansas child support cases the non-custodial parent that is ordered to pay child support typically pays through the Circuit Clerk where the child support obligation was established or through the Child Support Clearing House. If the person owing a child support obligation has a job, there child support payment can be withheld from their paycheck typically via a wage assignment order. The wage assignment order is a great tool, because it removes the temptation to not pay and the chance that a payment may be delayed by unforeseen circumstances.

The Risks of Non-Payment

If you cannot or arrange to not use income withholding, and you don't pay your child support on time and every time, you risk several consequences. First, you may be charged with contempt of court for failure to pay child support. Should you be found in contempt you could face numerous consequences including but not limited to court ordered sanctions, driver license suspension, seizure of property, ordered to pay court costs and attorney fees, and in some cases you could be sent to jail. Further, under Arkansas law if you get too far behind on your child support you could be jeopardy facing felony criminal charges. It really is in everyone's best interests to pay your child support.

How Is The Amount of Child Support Calculated?

The short answer is that in Arkansas, child support payments are based off of Administrative Rule 10. Basically, child support calculations are based on how many children you have, how often you get paid, and how much you make per pay period to determine your base level of child support. However, there are a lot of factors and variables that can impact the actual obligation, and in some case a deviation from the child support can be justified that effects the amount of child support that must be paid.

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