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Divorce -- Arkansas has one of the highest rates in the country, and while the reasons why are hotly debated, it means that the lawyers here at Schmidt Law Firm have plenty of experience with the process. We have led many couples successfully through the process thousands of times. We do not advocate divorce; in fact, we will discuss with you other possible alternatives before proceeding with filing divorce papers. In fact, we would prefer to see the parties reconcile, and encourage our clients to attempt marriage counseling or a marriage retreat before proceeding with the divorce. However, in certain cases, the marriage cannot be salvaged and a divorce is inevitable.

Once you file for Divorce in Arkansas, there is a good chance that the case can be resolved through a Divorce Settlement reached by the parties or Divorce Mediation. Most the time if the parties can resolve their issues before going to trial they do themselves a great service. Having a skilled attorney assist in your divorce settlement is critical to ensure you get the best divorce settlement possible.

Sometimes parties need more help in coming to amicable terms and Divorce Mediation can be used successfully to get the parties to compromise points of contention to get the Divorce Settled. Divorce Mediation in Arkansas is non-binding, so the parties can attempt mediation without being bound to any outcome. Again, having a skilled divorce attorney participate in Divorce Mediation is critical to ensure you get the best possible outcome in your divorce case.

To File For Divorce, Arkansas Requires You Give A Good Reason (Grounds)

You have to have at least one valid ground for divorce in order to file in the state of Arkansas. The possible grounds for divorce include:

The Arkansas Divorce Process When The Parties Can’t Settle…Time to Go To Court

If the parties are resolute in proceeding with a divorce in Arkansas, then one of the parties will have to lodge a complaint for divorce. The complaint must comply with numerous Arkansas Statutory Requirements for Divorce. It is critical that the divorce attorney carefully drafts the divorce complaint; otherwise, it could be defeated on technical grounds, which would be embarrassing for the attorney and their client.

Once the Divorce Complaint has been filed, it must be served on the opposing party. In most cases, the Defendant to the Divorce in Arkansas has 30 days to file an answer and/or answer and counterclaim to the divorce.

Once the divorce action has been initiated, it is critical to start the Discovery Process. Arkansas Divorce Attorneys have numerous tools at their disposal to assist them in preparing your divorce for court. Typically, the attorney that is better prepared has the most success in court. Some of the discovery tools that we have at our disposal are interrogatories, request for production, request for admission, depositions of the parties, interviewing and prepping witnesses, utilization of highly trained investigators and other tools depending on the case. Note that it is vital that your attorney be well versed in the discovery process and conducting the discovery process.

Once the discovery process has been concluded, then it is time to go to trial. Our attorneys have successfully handled thousands of divorce proceedings and know how to win. When your case proceeds to trial, then the judge will decide the fate on the division of property and any issues pertaining to children.

Schmidt Law Firm Will Be Your Advocate During Your Arkansas Divorce

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