Our Foreclosure Attorney in Cabot AR Can Help Keep Your Home In Your Hand

Foreclosure attorneys are the guardians of the 'little guys', fighting on your behalf to help you keep your home. Foreclosure defense law is one of the most important arenas of legal defense right now, as millions of people are fighting to keep control of homes in the face of predatory lending practices and even outright illegal property grabs by the big banks

Foreclosure Defense Is A Matter of Time

If you have received a notice of foreclosure, take action immediately. Contact an experienced foreclosure attorney at Schmidt Law Firm by calling 888-459-3077. The longer you wait, the more drastic of an action may be necessary to protect your home. For example, if your home is in immediate danger of foreclosure and the bank may arrive at your home at any time, your only option may be an emergency bankruptcy filing -- and even that won't absolve you of your mortgage debt, it will merely get you more time to pay. If, on the other hand, you contact Schmidt Law Firm the moment you know you're in danger of being foreclosed, we'll have time to attack the foreclosure in other ways.

How A Foreclosure Attorney Attacks a Notice of Foreclosure

We're not going to offer you any undue hope here -- 99% of foreclosures are perfectly legitimate, and there aren't going to be any alternative angles of attack in most cases. In the remaining one percent, however, a Schmidt Law Firm foreclosure attorney will try to find something in the bank's paperwork that isn't entirely kosher, and ask a judge to stay the foreclosure based on the error.

Avoiding Foreclosure through Bankruptcy: Chapter 13 Can Be The Right Path To Take

The most common method of avoiding foreclosure is by filing bankruptcy. Our expert bankruptcy attorneys can often file in a matter of hours if you're willing to do your part in a hurry. The moment you've filed for bankruptcy, the foreclosure is stayed -- the length of the stay depends on what Chapter you've filed under and your chat with the judge.

If you file under Chapter 13, this tells the judge that you have a regular source of income and are intending to pay -- you just need more time. In most cases, the judge will assign you a financial advisor who will then build a repayment plan that will pay off your debts in 3-5 years, including getting you up-to-date on your mortgage (and thus free of the threat of foreclosure) within that timeframe.

If you file under Chapter 7, the scenario is entirely different. You still get a stay of foreclosure from the judge, but Chapter 7 bankruptcy doesn't protect your home in the long term like Chapter 13 does. If you don't get caught up with your mortgage in a hurry, the judge may at any time grant a "relief of stay" motion from your bank, allowing them to proceed with the foreclosure unhindered even though you're filing for bankruptcy. Chapter 13 is by far the better option for protecting your home. The only reason you should ever file for Chapter 7 in an attempt to protect your home is if you don't have a steady source of income (which makes you unable to file for Chapter 13.)

Take The First Steps Immediately

The sooner you contact Schmidt Law Firm's foreclosure attorney, the safer your home becomes. Don't let the bank get any closer to kicking you out of your home -- call Schmidt Law Firm (888-459-3077) right away!

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