An Arkansas Real Estate Attorney Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Land

An Arkansas real estate attorney helps protect you when issues involving land -- often some of the largest transactions any of us ever deal with -- get complicated. Real estate transactions come with significant risks, and issues surrounding the purchase or sale of property can get complex quickly as liens, escrow duties, foreclosure, easement disputes, encroachment issues, access problems, and surveying matters begin to weigh in on what seems to be a simple exchange of money for land.

An Arkansas Real Estate Attorney Can Represent Any Party In A Real Estate Deal

Schmidt Law Firm has an Arkansas real estate attorney that can deal with these and other issues on behalf of the buyer, the seller, or the title company that is insuring against these kind of problems.

If you have residential or commercial real estate for sale -- or you're looking to buy either -- you need an experienced real estate attorney to help you through the process. Real estate transactions have the potential to become complex and confusing very quickly, even when things seem to be going quite smoothly. The best solution is to have a lawyer with real estate experience on your side. Schmidt's attorneys can:

Foreclosure Lawyers Help Keep Your Property in Your Hands

Schmidt Law Firm's experienced foreclosure lawyers are familiar with multiple avenues of foreclosure defense. If you're concerned that the bank is coming for your home, contact us immediately.

A Mortgage Attorney Can Save You Time Up Front And Money Down The Line

Mortgages are among the more complicated forms of paperwork that the average person can expect to deal with in their lifetimes. Simply understanding what it means that your mortgage has an adjustable or fixed interest rate can save you a boatload of money and sorrow down the line, and that's only the uppermost level of complexity within the mortgage world. Contact Schmidt Law Firm and talk to a mortgage attorney that can help you put together a mortgage that works for you and your family now and in the future.

Mineral and Gas Rights

One of the most aggravating areas of real estate law, for many, is the area of mineral and gas rights. Arkansas allows the severance of mineral and gas rights from so-called 'surface ownership', so unless you know what your doing, you can actually buy property without buying the rights to what lies beneath that same property. If you're not already experienced in the area, an Arkansas real estate attorney is your best guide to the complexities of:

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