Stop Garnishment And Take Home Your Whole Check

Stop garnishment as quickly as possible with the help of Schmidt Law Firm's top tier garnishment attorney. There are a few options to get your creditors off your back and get your full check back, but most people will only have the ability to use one of them: filing for bankruptcy. Of course, that's understandably a last-ditch effort for most people -- we'll try the other routes first.

What Is Garnishment?

Simply put, garnishment is when the courts allow a creditor to take a portion of your paycheck before it's put in your hands, or to take assets that are legally yours without your permission. Intended to force you to be responsible with your money, garnishment can nonetheless feel like a punishment or even threaten your livelihood.

Attack The Garnishment

The first line of defense against a garnishment is to attack the ruling that allowed your wages to be garnished in the first place. If our garnishment attorney can prove that the ruling that led to the garnish or the motions that led to the ruling are somehow flawed, we can force the courts to stop the garnishment immediately pending a re-filing and re-approval of the motions.

The second line of defense is the exemption law. There are certain items protected by Federal and Arkansas state law, and if your creditor goes after those items, we can stop the garnishment from taking them away. The items protected by law are:

If you place money from any protected source into a bank account, you will have to file a Claim of Exemption to protect that money from garnishment. Schmidt Law Firm's garnishment attorney will be happy to help you.

File For Bankruptcy

If, after the exemptions have been established and the garnishment brought under legal scrutiny, the garnishment is still unlivable, there is one further option: file for bankruptcy. The moment you file for bankruptcy, the courts must stop the garnishment.

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